Sunday, January 14, 2018

My Tenth Avenue North Merch

Wasup people? Today I am....well showing you my Tenth Avenue North merch (merchandise)!!! :D My sister was very nice and took all the pictures, except like two, for this post. So if you comment be sure to say thank you to her............or.....whatever.........Never mind. :P OK, anyways.
 I know most of you are going to be like........Lame? But I know at least one person will enjoy this post. :D :) Her blog is So go and check it out!! :D 
OK so anyways........Well there is nothing left to say, so without further udo..........MY TENTH AVENUE NORTH MERCH!!!!!!! :D :D :D 

First the most important of them all, the CDs

                             The Struggle


Islands (EP)


Decade the Halls

 My two Tenth Avenue North hats

 Followers drawstring bag

Tenth Avenue North\Followers guitar pick
 (I got this guitar pick at the Tenth Avenue North concert I went to) IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! But this is a merch post, not a post to rant about how amazing, and awesome- I am starting to rant now..........Lets leave it at that.

Tenth Avenue North coloring book

And here is the page I colored.
Let me just pause this post here and tell you that, this coloring book IS AMAZING!! IT's so good I'm afraid to color in it cause it might wreck it. :P :P 

We Are Cathedrals devotional book written by Mike Donehey

Signed poster that I got at the Tenth Avenue North concert I went to

 Yep, there is Mike's signature!!!!!! :D :D 

My Tenth Avenue North shirt

My songs I have on my MP3 player. I have all their songs from their CD's on my MP3 player except.......two....I think. Yeah, all except two. :)

My ticket to the Tenth Avenue North concert I went to. Yes I include this in my merch. :D 
I had to color out a few thing, for privacy reasons. :P

My........Wall decoration! :D
Tis beautiful peoples, tis beautiful!! :D  Again scribbling out some things for privacy reasons. :P

My Embroidery The embroidery is fine, but I discovered....I CAN'T SEW!!! :P

My Drawings  Yes I am putting this in merch too. :P You have probably seen these already in my last post. :P

Kenneth the Christmas Yeti
                           Mike Donehey
This is the first one I did, so it is not very good. I am going to redraw Mike......Someday
                                                   Brendon Shirley 
                           Ruben Jaurez 

                                Jeff Owen
Jason Jamison

My skateboard
Which I painted myself. :D :P

Here are a few pages I did in my lyric journal

And here is a bunch of my merch together! :D
I really like this picture! :D

And here is a little before and after for you. :D 

Here is my dresser before......

And here it is after!!! :D

OK! I believe this is the end of this AWESOME post!! :D :P I hope you all enjoyed! I am really excited to share this all with you! :D Well anyways, please leave a comment. :D That way I can actually know that someone looked at my post. :P So until next time, rock on Tenth Avenue North!!! :D :D 


  1. Lovely, lovely! You are a most devoted fan. *winks*

  2. Is the feeling of wanting to raid your house bad? :P I LOVE ALL OF YOUR TAN MERCH!!!! Especially your drawings!!!! :)

    1. I better fortify my fort!! :D :D :P ;) Thank you very much! :D And thank you again! :D

  3. Your lyric journal is the best! ^_^

    Cool post! :D