Saturday, January 6, 2018

Top 5 Best Things That Happened In 2017

Hello peoples. :) Today I am going to do a post on the top 5 best things that happened to me in 2017! These are not numbered greatest to least or least to greatest I just numbered them to show that there is 5.........or whatever. :P OK, here we go! :D 

1. I went to a Tenth Avenue North concert!!! Here is a link to my blog post Tenth Avenue North concert Let me just say it was AMAZING!!!!!!! And somehow in my other post I forgot to mention that Mike Donehey high-fived me! :D :D 

2. Trip to Florida with friends and family! Yes so way back in......April I think it was, me and two of my older siblings flew out to Florida to meet our Aunt and Uncle and stay with them out there for a couple weeks or so. It was a super fun time! And the first time I had ever been to Florida! So yeah, it was super cool and I had a awesome time! 

3. Family Reunion! We had a family reunion back a while ago and we stayed at a pretty cool place. It was really fun hanging out with friends........and eating all the good food! :D There was a cool hunting reserve right next to it where they put exotic-ish animals and people hunt them. We got to see some hogs and other cool animals get skinned and stuff. :D It was a really cool place and I had an awesome time! :D 

4. Cousins and friends coming from out of state! We had more then one family come out and it was really awesome! All the fun times guys, all the fun times! :D 

5. Discovering again my passion for songs, music, singing,...........Bands.........Tenth Avenue North!!!! :D :D :D 

Now I may have forgotten something awesome that happened last year....that is my brain for sorry if I did.....even though I don't think you would even care......cause you would never know..... :P :P :P :D 

Another cool thing that happened last year (though it doesn't reach the top 5) is the Johnny Diaz concert I went to. Here is a link to my blog post :) Johnny Diaz concert

Projects of 2017

Here are a couple of my projects from 2017. You may have seen some of them already. :) 



OK, so I'm not even sure if I want to show you all these.... :P They are pretty much my first portraits and.........well.......I don't know. Fine, I will show you them. BUT DON'T LAUGH!! And just remember, they are my first portraits. :P The pictures sadly turned out a little dark. :P Oh, well. 

Mike Donehey
This one was my first one I did, so it is not very good. I am going to draw a new one of Mike.........someday. :D :P 

Brendon Shirley
This was my second one I did. :) 

Ruben Jarez
This is the third one I did.

Jeff Owen
This is the fourth on I did. (you can probably tell that they are getting a little better)

Jason Jamison
And this is the last one I did. :) 

Kenneth the Christmas Yeti
(voice played by Mike Donehey)

I am not sure when I did this one.....

Just so you know who this awesome guy is, here is a video. :D 

And Finally here are a few things I would like to do this year. (2018) 

Do more blog posts
Go to more Tenth Avenue North concerts
Start a little hobby 
Get out hunting more
Go to more Christian artist concerts
And just have tons of fun! :D :D 

So that is that. Hope you enjoyed this post! :D And be on the lookout for more blog posts. Hopefully soon. :P