My Projects and Art

Here are some of my projects. A rabbit and two squirrels that I shot skinned and cured. I also skinned out the head on my rabbit. You might be able to see it in the picture. I am interested in Taxidermist work, so this is good for me to practice on. I would like to do Taxidermy for a living. :) I may have a deer hide to work on soon too. So if anyone has advise on tanning a deer hide please comment. Although I'm going to keep the hair on it so yeah, I need some advise. :D

Here is my deer hide, I am still working on it. It is fleshed, soaked, and salted, but I am still working on the softening. :D It's taking me a long time.......Mostly because I haven't been working on it very much..........Don't tell anyone. 

And now I will show you all some of my art.

Toothless (from How to Train your Dragon)
                      The snow serpent  (this is from the binding of the blades series)

                     Koshti the tiger (also from the biding of the blades series)

                                          The Whispering death (from How To Train your Dragon)

                              Toothless (from How to Train your Dragon)

                                      (from How to Train your Dragon, are you seeing that I love this movie yet? :D )

                      Patriots, Tom Brady
                                                        (greatest team and quarterback in NFL history!!)

                           A shark (I actually hate sharks, so don't ask me why I drew one)

                          Reepacheep (from Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader)

                           An Eagle (The great bird of America!)

            The Bewilderbeast (Alpha)   (from How to Train your Dragon)

                                 A Rhino

                   Father of Dragons (from the binding of the blades series)

So there you go! Some of my art. Hope you enjoyed!! :) 


  1. I tanned some rabbit hides normally with the hair on and it stayed on.But i tanned a beaver hide and left it in my tanning solution longer than necisary and little patches of hair came off weather that's the reason or not. (You never stop learning)E

  2. That's too bad some of the hair came off. Yep you never stop learning. I should be getting a deer hide tomorrow, so if you have any hair on tanning tips then just tell me. :)

  3. awesome art! The Whispering Death is probably my favorite.

  4. Yeah, I like that one too. :)