Monday, March 12, 2018

Winter Jam!! :D

This was actually quite a while ago but, I WENT TO WINTER JAM!!!! :D :D :D And it was SUPER awesome! :D Why am I just now FINALLY doing this post? Well.......................OK, I don't have any excuses................ But that does not matter, what matters is that I am going to show you some pictures and stuff from it! :D So lets get started! :D :D

 I am not sure who is in these pics so........ Just a cool picture with all the lights and stuff! :D  

                          Dan Bremnes



I am not sure who is in these next two pics.... :P It is either Francesca Battistelli or Kari Jobe

                     This is Kari Jobe. :)

                       Jordan Feliz  (I used a phone on some of these :P)

Building 429 
These guys were one of my favorites of the night! :D

                They were my other favorite of the night! :D And I got some good pics of them! :D

 This is one of my favorite pics. :) ↓

  I really love this picture! ↓↓

And that is that! :D I am done. So it was really awesome, I had tons of fun. My two favorite band(s)/singer(s) from Winter Jam are Skillet and Building 429. They were both SUPER awesome!! :D Skillet had a lot of awesome explosions and fire and smoke!! :D :P :D All the awesomeness! :D And Building 429 was amazing! The lead singer of Building 429 actually came out and sang Monster with Skillet, it was very cool! :D Anyways it was super awesome and.........Well, enough said. Goodbye! :D :D