Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Liebster Award

I was tagged by for this award. Alright lets get started! :D


Thank the person who nominated you

Answer the 11 questions they gave you

Name 11 facts about yourself

Nominate 11 bloggers to do this tag, and let them know

Give them 11 questions to answer

1. Whats a song you like to listen to when you are in a melancholy mood?

Ummmm......I am not sure. There isn't really any certain song I would listen to. :P Maybe Afraid by Tenth Avenue North. :D

2. What is the best movie you have watched so far this year? 

The Hobbit the Battle of the Five Armies, I re-watched it this year. :D :P 

3. Morning or night person?

Definitely night person. :P

4. Favorite insect? 

Ummmm..... I have never thought of that... :P Maybe a leaf bug or an assassin beetle. All insects are just annoying and dumb. :P  

5. What is one of your dreams?

To get into the music industry. :)

6. How many cousins do you have?

I have no idea. :P Somewhere around 57. :P

7. Favorite type of shoe?

I don't know what they are called. :P  They are a shoe that Mike Donehey wears\has worn\I don't know if he wears them anymore\ I think I saw a picture or video with him wearing them. :P I realize that doesn't help you see what they are. :P Other then that just sneakers.

8.  Five singers you love?

This is my favorite question yet!! :D :D Tenth Avenue North, Tenth Avenue North, Tenth Avenue North, Tenth Avenue North, and Hawk Nelson........Hey! Those are the only bands\singer that I love! :P OK, fine I will name 5 singers\bands that I like because those are the only two I LOVE! :D :P
Toby Mac, Skillet, For King & Country, Jordan Feliz, Brandon Heath. *
sighs* I don't know, it is too hard. :P 

9. What did you do right before writing this blog post? 

Ummmm......this is being written over more then one day, but what I did before answering this question is go on pinterest....... Yeah, that is boring. :P 

10. What is your favorite type of meat?

Probably beef, but I love like ALL meats so....... :P

11. If you could do anything for a day, what would you do?

GO HANG OUT WITH THE GUYS FROM TENTH AVENUE NORTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WOULD BE AMAZING!!! :D :D :D :D :D 

Eleven Facts About Me

1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE a band called Tenth Avenue North!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. I am a Patriots fan, (if you don't know what that is, an NFL football team)

3. My favorite color is BLACK. Yes it is a color, cause I said it was. :P 

4. I am weird...........  :P :P :D A GOOD weird! :D :P 

5. My second favorite band is Hawk Nelson! :D :D 

6. I bow hunt. :D 

7. I like singing, and can sort of play some instruments. :P 

8. I love a movie(s)\TV show(s) called How to Train your Dragon, and all the other ones that go along with it, Race to the Edge, Defenders of Berk, etc. :)

9. Watch this! :D  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

10. I am very stubborn....... :P

11. I also LOVE The Hobbit movies!!!!! :D They are AWESOME!!!!!!!

I Nominate

And that is all the people I can come up with. So if you see this and want to do it, then just do it! :D

Questions For Those I Have Nominated

1. What is your favorite singer/band?  (you should have known I would ask that :D)

2. Your favorite animal?

3. How many siblings do you have?

4. If you could go to any country where would you go?

5. Have you ever been to a concert? If so, how many and what band(s)\singer(s) did you see? :D :D

6. Favorite drink? 

7. What are 5 of your favorite song?

8. One of your greatest accomplishments? 

9. Best movie you have ever watched?

10. Name 2 of your favorite bloggers?

11. Do you have any pets? If so, how many and what kind?

Alright I am done.....................This took A LONG TIME!! :P :P :P OK, I'm out! :D 

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