Thursday, October 26, 2017

Update in.....well Life

Hello people! Whats going on? 
OK, first of all the most exciting thing!!! I was given a copy of Islands by Tenth Avenue North!!! It's so beautiful!!!! Here are some pictures of it. :D 

Yes I probably only needed one picture to show you, but..........IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! And I was practicing taking pictures for school. Sooo.........

And this is really late, but I got a ipod/mp3 player for my birthday. I feel like I already told you this.....Oh, well. Anyways here are some pictures of my ipod/mp3player being awesome. (if it can do that) 

And as you can see, I have basically all the Tenth Avenue North songs. I have them all except like two or three from The Light Meets the Dark I think. 

Tenth Avenue North is making a Christmas album!!! And it comes out November 10th!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! I can't wait!!! I might buy it when it comes out. :D Here is a link to (what I believe is) the cover.
I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!! OK, next thing.

Just figure I should mention that I finished Shadow Hand, and also read Golden Daughter. And let me just say, Golden Daughter is like the greatest work of fantasy in the world. It left me like: #!&@^*^%$@$^&^*@&@!!^!%$$^#&%^&*^(@#$@*($&*^
So yes read this series. It is Tales of Goldstone Woods by Anne Alisabeth Stengl. They are amazing. 

Also I read a whole new series called Blood of the Kings by Jill Williamson. Guys this series is AMAZING!!! I think they are now some of my top favorite books in the world. :D :D Go read this series too. :) 

Speaking of books, here are some of the new books I got. 

 Here is my messy bookshelf, that, as you can probably see, has ran out of room for books. I need a new bookshelf!!

I have gotten more books but I wasn't really sure which ones and stuff so.............
                                 Here are some CD's I got.

            Like I said, I was practicing taking pictures. :D ;)

And now here is a peak into my bullet Journal. Which I think I am going to start calling my lyric journal. :D Cause that is basically all it is, lyrics. :D 

                        What do you think? 

This is REALLY random but check out these awesome knives I got!! :D :D ;D 

I also have these awesome pig tusks, that I pried out of its jaw. :D 

I am currently reading Rising Shadows. It has been OK, it is getting more interesting though. And since I wasn't able to finish this post and it is now later, I am now finished Rising Shadows. It was pretty good. I am probably going to rate it 4 stars. I am excited to read Chasing Shadows, the second book in the series. :) 

Here are some pictures of my electr-....*coughs* My dad's electric guitar. I keep it in my room though, cause he kind of, sort of, maybe bought it for me to use. :P :) They are not very good pictures though. They looked better on the camera. :P I was practicing manually focusing. (which apparently as you can see from the pictures I'm not very good at) :P :P 

OK, that was very random, and I have no idea why I even put them on there. :P 

Guys, Tenth Avenue North is the best, most amazing, awesomest, coolest, lots of other good words, band EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Like who would not LOVE them! I know, you guys are probably sick of me mentioning them. But I'm not going to apologize for it, cause I'm not sorry for mentioning them. :D 

I am also not sorry for bombarding you with pictures of them. :D ;)
Also check out this blog! :D All the Pretty Things  You will know why I like it. :D ;) ;) 

I will be posting some more stuff on the My Projects and Art tab some time. So be checking that. :) I am currently working on a little project which I may or mat not show you sometime. :) 
And with that I will end this long post. :D So goodbye peoples, and listen to Tenth Avenue North!!!!  P.S and tell me about it if you do
P.P.S comment!! 


  1. Do you really play the electric guitar!?
    I used to hate that kind of guitar but I've recently figured out that I actually like them. My cousin just bought one! His is white and I just think it looks so cool. lol ;P
    I do listen to some songs by Tenth Avenue North, but not many. I think my favorite song is "By Your Side" :D
    And just look at all those Louis L'Amour's on your bookshelf!!! <333

    1. Well......I play it sometimes. :P I really like electric guitars. They are really good for picking out songs, which is mostly what I do. :)
      You should listen to more Tenth Avenue North! They are the best!!!!!! I Have this Hope is a REALLY good song. My personal favorite is What you Want though. :)
      Yeah, I have been collecting Louis L'Amours.

  2. Cool!
    I read Louis L'Amour's too, and I LOVE them!

  3. Yeah, I really like Louis L'Amours too. (but you probably figured that out already) :P