Thursday, September 21, 2017

Random Stuff

     Hello people...........Hows it going? What has been going on in my life? Well nothing much if i'm honest. Yep that is life for me.                
   School started so I have been doing school. I started a Bullet Journal, for school, sort of. Basically all that is in it is Lyrics for Tenth Avenue North songs and stuff related to that. I didn't say Tenth Avenue North. No you must have made a mistake. Sorry.........Anyways, that is my only current project......I believe. :) I do want to start a youtube channel. I am not promising anything, so don't get excited. I haven't even done anything to get one started. 
     Something I am SUPER excited for, is a possibility, (that means I might) of going to a Tenth Avenue North concert in October!!!! I SOOOO hope I can go. So yeah, it is a stop on the I Have this Hope tour. And they have with them Brandon Heath and......................Jon Mclaughlin. I do not know who that is. 

I am currently listening to I Have this Hope by (obviously) Tenth Avenue North. Like right now, as I write. Like this one right here.

Now Worn by (obviously) Tenth Avenue North. Like right now as I wri-. OK, I should stop

Anyways, I am currently reading a book called Shadow Hand by Anne Elisabeth Stengl, from the Tales of Goldstone Woods series. FINALLY!! It has been really good so far. Probably not as good as the ones right before it, but still really good. There isn't very much of Eanrin in it. I do not know if that is how you spell his name. You will know who I am talking about if you have read the series. :) 

I am listening to Losing by Tenth Avenue North now. I know I said I would stop. Sorry...Not Really.

I haven't really watched any movies lately, well not new ones. But we have been watching a show called American Ninja Warriors every now and then. It is a pretty cool show. Other then that I
 re-watched How to Train your Dragon 1. And Beyond the Mask. But that was a while ago. 

Now I am listen- .....................Never mind.

I bought some, The, new books. Sorry, I can't, Spark, remember what they all were. 

I have been listening to, well that is pretty obvious. I'm just not going to get into that subject or you all will be here for a long time.

I am currently, Want, eating (I do not even know, What, why am writing this) Well, You, nothing at the moment. But I will, Want, be eating some chili stuff. I also, Now, ate a lot of delicious fruit. 
OK, that was not important. (not that any of this is ;) ;)) 

Well I should go now. Bye

Tenth Avenue North Is AWESOME!!!!



  2. I've thought about starting a Youtube channel too! I don't think I will though... it was just a thought. HA HA HA! I just found all them hints to Tenth Avenue North songs! I guess you cant control yourself from mentioning Tenth Avenue North!!!