Thursday, June 15, 2017


Hi people! I decided I better post something on my blog already. :D So I figured I would give you a little update on life over here!! :) 

First of all I got a skateboard!!! It is really cool! I have been practicing a bit on it and have made a little progress. Cool graphics, agreed?

I am reading The Haunted Mesa by Louis L'Amour. It is going pretty slow and I haven't even read it in a while. *shrugs* I guess I need a change of scenery, so I might start reading something else. Lately I have not watched any new movies. I have just watched a few Dragons Race to the Edge episodes, and some other "already been watched" movies. :D We have been working on cleaning and fixing houses, so I earned some money. Yay for me! :D I am seriously playing Hill Climb on my friends phone while I write this post. Sorry......That was a very distracted thought. Anyways.............I really just ran out of things to say. Time for some inspiration. *starts playing Hill Climb* I just made wacky cake with fudge frosting (if you don't know what that is a feel sorry for you) I'm not really a big fan of baking, but around here no one bakes so if I want dessert I have to make it myself. But don't get me wrong, my moms and amazing baker she just doesn't bake very much. Speaking of.......*runs off to get some cake* Yummm!! Distracted again. Hmmmnmmm.........What else has been going on......I drew some new pictures for The Ilyon fan art contest. In fact I will (eventually) be putting some of my drawing on my blog, so stay tuned for that. I added a few new books to my bookshelf....Well tons of new books. My shelf is now completely full. Yep lots of books. I don't want to list all of them so I'll just list a few of the best ones. 
Dare and Deliver by Tricia Mingerink.  The Homlanders series by Andrew Klavan. I got the rest of The Binding of the Blades series by L.B. Graham. (I did a bookshelf tour on my blog a while back) Halfblood by Jaye L. Knight. I got like over 20 Louis L'Amour. Defier and Sparrow by Mandy Fender. And lots and lots more. I should do another bookshelf tour in pictures, because I also got rid of a lot of books. I will be doing a book haul in pictures pretty soon and posting some stuff on my arts and projects so stay tuned for that. :) 

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