Saturday, June 17, 2017

Book Haul In Pictures

Hey guys! I am going to do a book haul in pictures for you all. :) These are books i collected since my bookshelf tour in pictures. I have gotten lots of books since then and got rid of a lot. So without further ado, I give you my book haul in pictures!! :D 

           Here is my bookshelf after I took all the new books I got down

Here are all the books I got. :D I know, that's a lot.

First, here are the Louis L'Amour books I got

 Then I got this SUPER awesome series, that a friend recommended to me. I have mentioned it a few times in my other posts. I got them all in hardcover, because I like hardcover best.

My older brother was getting rid of stuff so I grabbed these Hardy Boys books. I like the newer ones the best, they're more interesting. The Tower Treasure is actually two books in one.

 These are just a couple of random books I got. There not all my favorites but I enjoyed them.

A few more random ones. I actually haven't read any of these except The Lonely Sentinel. 

 These books a really interesting. They're like, half comics half writing. If you know what I mean. I got them from Tyndal Rewards.

 I picked these two books up at a garage sale. Haven't read these ones either.

 These ones are kind of more classics. I got them here and there.

Whoops! I forgot to put those ones the right way. Oh well. These are some new old books I got.

 Here are some more Narnia books for my Narnia collection. :D 

 This is a cool gun book I got. It's pretty interesting.

I finally got some dystopian on my shelf!! (Defier and Sparrow) 

And for the some of the most exciting of all!!! I got Dare and Deliver!@!!@!! These books are SUPER AWESOME!!!!! They are amazing! 

 Another super awesome one I got. I really love this book. It is awesome!

And then I got the rest of the Binding of the Blades series and The Rise of Aredor. 

 Here is the complete series of The Binding of the Blades. The covers are so awesome.

And now for the movies I got! :D

 Here are all the How to Train your Dragon movies I have. I want to collect them all. Especially Race to the Edge. 

Due to some errors all of my shelf photos didn't load. So I only have the first two shelves and the very top. 

The Very top, this is where my movies go.

                              Top shelf

                                               Second shelf down

I really liked how my shelf turned out after I reorganized it. :)

Well I hope you all enjoyed that, and read some of the books I put on there. If you have read some of them comment and tell me which ones and what you thought of them. :D Until then, BYE!