Monday, February 6, 2017

Patriots Win Super Bowl 51

YES!!!!!YES!!! WOOHOO!!!!! NEVER, NEVER doubt Tom Brady!! The Patriots win the super bowl, and broke every record while doing it!!! YEAH!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! Completely
 U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E!! I have to admit, by the second half I had mostly lost hope. I mean no one in super bowl history was down by 25 points in the second half and came back and won the Super Bowl. No one has even come back from that far behind and won at any point in the game! But the Patriots, they DID it, they are unbelievably good. All you people who doubted that Tom Brady was the best can think again. Tom Brady is the Goat. (Greatest of all time) I just can hardly wrap my mind around it!! When it comes to the Patriots the game is NEVER over till it's over. NEVER!!! All the other players did an amazing job too. Getting open and catching the ball, keeping the Falcons from scoring. White scoring the winning touchdown. The Patriots were just, AMAZING. Brady now has five Superbowl wins, the most ever. He was the MVP (most valuable player) 4 times, and has been to 7 super bowls winning 5 and loosing 2. That alone should tell everyone that you can't beat Tom Brady!!!  
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                                                          Edelman's amazing catch


  1. Amazing game!!!!!!!!!! I can not believe it!!!!

  2. I KNOW!!!!! It was completely AWESOME!

  3. Edelman's catch looks impossible. I do not know how he got it.

  4. Was quite a game wasn't it:) !! The Falcons did super awesome and I'm sure we will be seeing more of them in the future. Their young QB seems to be a level-headed guy.. and not a sore-loser, like Newton! I am glad though that the Patriots won... and in such an amazing way!! It was rather unbelievable and we sure were cheering over here:) They are a great team and know about teamwork:) Brady still rocks as a QB:) Hugs, Marla

    1. Yeah, the Falcons are a good team. There was a lot of (happy) yelling over here too. :D And Brady is the best ever!