Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Q&A Tag

Hi people! I was tagged by Shantelle for the q&a tag! Thank you Shantelle! So let's get started!

1) Favorite book you've read this year? Either The Truth if the Matter or The Final Hour. They are AWESOME BOOKS!!                                                              

2) A restaurant you love, and what do you usually order?    Rallys!! And I usually get a hamburger and fries. :) Guys there fries are unbelievable!! 

3) What's one movie/TV series that has impacted you? Why?     I don't really know. But there is an awesome TV series I'm watching called {Sue Thomas F.B.eye}

4) Do you prefer cold cereal or oatmeal?     Cold cereal definitely. I do not like oatmeal, well when it's just plain oatmeal. P.S that's how my mom always makes it. 

5) Love being with people, or would you rather be a loner?                          Depends who the people are, at times I would rather be alone.

6) A book cover you love?            This book cover is UNBELIEVABLE!   
7) What trait do you, personally, think is important for people to have?    Loyalty. 

8) A favorite thing about blogging?   Getting my opinion out there. 

9) What's one wish of your heart?    To go to a taxidermy place and watch and work with the Taxidermist. 

10) Could you share about three blessings (big or small) that have touched your day?  
  Being with my friends, food, :D And just having a blast at a valentines party we went to! :) 


I TAG:   The Endzone
                    GVM Photography

                              And there questions to answer are!

1. What is one of your favorite games to play?

2. What is your favorite football team? Or if you are not really into football just a team you think is cool. 

3. What do you wish you could do more? 

4.  Whats one of your favorite foods?

5. Do you like to play a instrument? Which one?

6. What kind of pets have you had?

7. What is a blog or site that you really enjoy going on? (Please provide     link if you can)

8. What is a toy(s) that you liked to play with when you were         younger? 

9. If you had to learn to dance, sing, or play an instrument, which one would it be?

10. What is the dream job you want?



  1. Enjoyed this! Yes, EXILES is so beautiful! <3

  2. Loved reading your answers!! Sooo glad you did the tag! :D Maybe I should try out Rallys someday ... their fries do look good! AND YES, EXILES!! It's gorgeous! =D