Thursday, November 17, 2016

Donald Trump the new President

Yes! Go America! I am so glad  that Donald Trump won! Why am I glad? Well first of all Hilary is a cheating stealing liar. She has all these people believing her cause she is such a good liar. Or...not. People ask her about something she said before, her response." If you would have read the rest you would have seen that I was talking about..*pause* electricity!" Oh, OK so she found the first thing that popped into her mind and started a whole story about it. So lying....She wanted to bring in refugee's that could very easily been ISIS. She is for abortions, and other horrid thing of the sort. Not to mention her husband was President and that went very badly, she supports obama. There are rumors that she has had people secretly killed for her benefit. None of this really matters now that Donald Trump has already been elected. But I am just disgusted with these hillary clinton supporters. They are rioting all over, causing tons of damage, and making tons of trouble. I mean, YOU JUST GOT A GOOD PRESIDENT!!!!!! If your going to act like that go move to China!! I am PROUD of America for electing Donald Trump! No more democrats, no more liberals. More conservative people!    Sorry but I had to blow off some steam.


  1. Yea! those rioters seem like a bunch of little kids that didn't get their way so they get mad and throw a fit.