Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday sales!

Hi guys! Yesterday was Thanksgiving! Yay! Also today, there are some awesome Black Friday sales on some amazing books!! But first I am going to share with you some books I read this year that I am thankful for. :) 

     Prophet  By R.J. Larson   This was a really cool book, and I really enjoyed it!
 Judge  By R.J. Larson    I love this book! It was full of action, and Kien is really funny!
 King By R.J. Larson   Another one of R.J. Larson's amazing books! This might be                                                             my favorite!

DENY  By Tricia Mingerink    Where can I begin! This book is amazing! I loved it! 

 DEFY  By Tricia Mingerink   Doubly where to begin!! :) This book was EPICLY                                                                         amazing!! :D

OK, so at first it was supposed to be five books I'm thankful for, but I am going to add a few more because I have quite a few more! :D 

The Rise of Aredor  By Claire M. Banschbach 
  This book is amazing! It's full of adventures and at times makes you laugh so hard. It is Just an amazing book!! (I know I already said that) :) 

     The Wildcat of Braeton   By Claire M. Banschbach     

                   This is a great book! I would recommend everyone to read this series! :)

Samara's Peril  By Jaye L. Knight  
This.....Book....Is....AMAZING!!! So much adventure, and action, and other awesome stuff!! 

Hebbros  By Nicole Sager  
I LOVE this book! I am also really looking for good deals   on it so I can but it!! 

Speaking of sales! Let's get back to the main reason of this post! Black Friday sales on some awesome books!!! A bunch of authors put there books together and made some awesome deals, so that all you can get some of your favorite books for a deal!! Here is the link to the store of them! These sales go from today to the 28th! Awesome Huh??!! :D :D Everyone loves great deals!! Well Happy one day late Thanksgiving to you all!!  

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