Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Jonny Diaz Concert

Hello people! Hows it going? It's great here. And Thanksgiving is coming up!! All the good food guys! :D And Christmas!! I know what your probably thinking "It's not Christmas!! We haven't even had Thanksgiving!" Yeah, whatever. I am in the Christmas spirit now, and it is all Tenth Avenue Norths fault. If you didn't know they just released their first Christmas album called Decade the Halls. IT'S AMAZING!!!!! And I can't mention it without putting a picture of it on here. :P 
Isn't the cover totally Amazingly, AWESOME!!!

Anyways all of that is besides the point. What I came on here to tell you about is the Jonny Diaz concert I went to a few days ago. :D 
So yeah, like I said I went to a Jonny Diaz concert. I am not really a fan of Jonny Diaz, (not because I don't like him, but just because I don't really know him) but the concert was really close and only 5 dollars at the door, so I was like "Let's go!" I mean it's a concert, right? So anyways me and my sister and some family friends went to the concert. It was cool, and Jonny Diaz sang really good. One of the coolest moment was after the show he was standing by his merch table and me and my sister got to meet him and get a picture with him. It was really cool! :D So anyways, here are some pictures from the concert. :D :D (yep I was stuck with the piece of junk camera again, so the pictures aren't that great. :P)

Here is a video of him playing Breathe

So yeah! Although it could never, ever, ever, compare to a Tenth Avenue North concert, (no one ever could) it was still very cool and I enjoyed it a lot! :D 

See you later! 

Tenth Avenue North is the BEST!!! 


  1. It's cool that you met Mr. Diaz! YES! No one can compare to Tenth Avenue North!