Monday, May 1, 2017

Review for Deliver

Like......WOW!!! This book. Is. AMAZING!!!!!! It was so awesome to get back into the world of Acktar, and read about all my favorite characters again. Leith, and Renna, and MARTYN!!!! He is like, super awesome! :D OK, Martyn is now one my favorite character ever. Anyways enough about how much I loved this book. Here's a little about the book. The war in Acktar is over, for some it is a time to restart, for others they are lost. Martyn only knew life as a blade, and is struggling with guilt. Leith spent most of his life as a blade, and doesn't know what to do with his life. Others are struggling with fear and anger. How will the new Acktar fare? The only way to fond out is to read this super amazing book! :D There is nothing I did not like about this book. It's just full of adventure and action. Martyns AWESOME!!! :D I know I already said that. I am really sad that the series is ended. :( But it had a good satisfying ending. :) I would recommend it to ages 13-14-up. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!!!!!! EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT. YOU ARE MISSING OUT IF YOU DON'T. BE SURE TO START WITH THE FIRST BOOK, IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY READ THEM. NOW GO READ!!!!!