Thursday, December 15, 2016

Awesome Video Games

OK, I like to play video games, I mean who doesn't every once in a while? And no I'm not obsessed with them and no I don't play them all the time. I wouldn't be allowed to anyways. ;) Here are some awesome video games that I've played and play. :D :) 

                                      The Hunter

This game is seriously awesome!! It is like REALLY realistic for a game! :D It is more like a real hunt then your usual hunting game. This is a computer game, and you can download it onto your computer free!! Or you can buy a membership. Here are a few pictures from it. :) 

Cabela's Dangerous Hunts

This is a really fun game too! First you go through a bunch of hair raising adventures through many places.

Then you get to take down this guy at the end! :D 

Cabela's African Safari 

This is a fun game too. You go on missions to shoot certain animals and stuff. And try not to get killed. ;) :) :D 

Donkey Kong   

This game is seriously, one of the best games ever!!:D It is soooo fun!! I haven't played this game in a long time, because unfortunately our thing broke. :( But I really want to play it again sometime. :D 

Sorry about the awful pictures. 

Yeah, so those are some of my favorite games to play. Yes I know they are mostly hunting games. But what can I say? Hunting games are my favorite. 


  1. We have a hunting game. Its called "Hunting Unlimited 2010". I like it but its graffics aren't that good.

  2. Oh, cool! :) That game sounds familiar.