Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Tiger

            The Tiger is a majestic wild cat that lives in the continent of Asia.

These powerful animals are known for their strength and agility. They are so

powerful they can be standing while dead!

            The Tigers soft fur is orange with black stripes all over it. And like

humans no tiger has the same pattern of stripes. They also help the tiger to

blend into it's surroundings, like camouflage. They have long tails that are

around 24 to 43 inches long! It has very big paws armed with retractable

claws that are used to catch it's prey, and long front teeth that are

2.2 to 2.6  inches long, and 30 other teeth for eating it's prey. Tigers are very

powerful covered in rippling muscles especially in it's legs. These muscles

are needed for the extensive climbing, swimming, jumping, and running it does.

            Yes this is the only cat that loves to swim, in fact it loves it so much

that the tiger will use the water as it's hiding place while hunting. It can leap up to

30 feet! Tigers are fast runners but they can only run for short amounts of time so

when hunting  they use the sneaking process, and they are very sneaky. The

tiger's roar can be heard from a mile away, and is a very fearsome sound,

warning all predators away.

            So that is a little about the tiger, there is other species of them but that

is for another day and another time. I hope you saw what a majestic animal

the tiger is and will search more on it another time.                                                      


  1. Very interesting facts!! Tigers are very thrilling creatures ... fearfully thrilling! :p

    You should watch The Jungle Book, and hear the tiger's roar. It's a fearsome sound, indeed! :)

  2. Yes! I really want to watch The Jungle Book!

  3. It's crazy that they can be standing while there dead! So crazy!

  4. Yeah, I know. They are very powerful.